Commercial Property Sales

Sales and Leasing

All restaurants are rooted in “brick and mortar.” Even Food Trucks by health code need to have a “commissary kitchen.” The real estate accounts for one of the three essential controllable business costs (right behind product and labor) to be controlled in order to succeed. As an integral part of business consulting services, Eckstut Consulting, assists with this vital piece: the purchase and/or leasing of a restaurant property. Using contacts with landlords and all commercial retail brokers, we assist in locating the appropriate property, evaluating it and then negotiating terms that will allow the business to succeed.

Eckstut is a licensed agent both in Pennsylvania and New Jersey with Plumer & Associates, Inc.

    Our services include:

  • Finding suitable commercial property – location, size, and price.
  • Creating an affordability analysis based on operational expenses, zoning, financing, etc.
  • Coordinating a business plan with the business owner for the property owners as well as business investors and banks.
  • Researching financing resources.
  • Working with other professionals on the clients’ and Eckstut Consulting teams.
  • Negotiating the right deals and leases for our clients – the tenants.