Greg Vernick, Chef/Owner

November 2012
Vernick Food & Drink in Philadelphia: (Craig LeBan, “Best New Restaurant in Philadelphia 2012”

Vernick Food & Drink would not be as successful without the help of Harris Eckstut.

Connie Correia

Co-owner of the Pop Shop in Collingswood, NJ

Harris took us by the hand and taught us all the things about the restaurant business that we didn’t even know we didn’t know! Because of him, we are still in business and now thriving instead of floundering.

Christopher and Francisco

October 13, 2005

Just a note to thank you for the workshop on Restaurant Management.  The information you gave us was very useful, and now we have a more realistic perspective about the business.  Your handouts were very helpful, too.  It was a pleasure to meet you, and we hope that we’ll be in touch in the near future. Thanks again for everything.

Downtown Baltimore restaurant owner.

January, 2008

…. (we) agree that Harris is the first person we have met in the past 15 years that truly knows the restaurant business.