Eckstut Constulting

Eckstut Consulting advises restaurateurs and investors located in the Greater Philadelphia region. By working with operators and their backers, Eckstut consulting develops more successful, stable, and profitable operations. Over the past few years our clients have achieved remarkable success by leveraging Eckstut Consulting’s 30 years of experience and knowledge.

Eckstut Consulting Restaurant business Pie Chart

Eckstut Consulting Services:

  • Business oversight during the transition to the new plan and operational structure
  • Business planning development for existing and start-up restaurants
  • Analytic review for investors and lenders
  • Property review and site selection to facilitate the purchase of (or leasing of) a location
  • Financial advisement and coordination
  • Partnership relations
  • Concept development and planning for restaurant and retail locations
  • Feasibility studies for government, quasi-governmental agencies and retail developers