Food Trucks

In planning a food truck for the first time, Eckstut Restaurant Consulting provides the coaching, advising, and assisting of services needed to assure success of your business venture:

Preliminary Review and Analysis

First, owner and I begin with a preliminary review and analysis. We must understand your concept and who your customers will be. Together, we will review your financial status and opportunities available for financing.

Projection of Sales

Next, once you are comfortable with the feasibility of your food truck project, we can work together on the projections of sales. As we apply these sales to projected costs, we will put together a draft analysis of what it will costs to open and operate the truck.

Cost and Operation of Food Truck

After this, we will understand what it will cost to open and operate the food truck. We will evaluate how to acquire the monies – through financing, savings, investors, etc. – necessary to insure success.

Initial Marketing and Design Strategies

At the same time, we will put together the initial marketing and design strategies of menu, logo, “truck wrap”, social media, group sales, events, etc.

Securing the Food Truck

Then, we secure the truck. Included in this process is the acquiring of the permits and licenses required to operate a food truck in the proposed locations of use – including multiple governing authorities: local health departments, fire departments, municipalities, state(s). If you are planning to cross state lines to sell food out of your truck, we will look at federal truck regulations, etc.

Marketing the Food Truck

With construction and approvals in process, we will initiate the marketing programs including initial catering and event promotions, street and event locations availabilities.

Fostering Success

After operations begin, having the experience of over 35 years of operating food businesses, I can continue to guide you and operations to assure your success.


Sunflower Truck Stop Guided to SUCCESS by Eckstut Consulting

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