• Concept development and planning for restaurant and retail locations in Business Improvement
  • Districts and Main Street business corridors
  • Management oversight during the transition to the new plan and business structure
  • Business plan development for existing and start-up restaurants
  • Analytic review for investors and lenders
  • Property review and site selection to facilitate the purchase of (or leasing of) a location
  • Financial advisement and coordination
  • Feasibility studies for government, quasi-governmental agencies and retail developers
  • Marketing and promotion of restaurants and small businesses

“Turning Around” Troubled Restaurants

Successful restaurants clearly serve good food, project a pleasant ambiance, and must be skillfully marketed. Marketing gets people in the door, and good fare and atmosphere are the two key components in an enjoyable dining experience, which brings customers back in the door in the door. Independent restaurateurs have accomplished such often, and yet, all too often a full house isn’t enough. Some restaurateurs find red ink staring them in the face after a month of lines around the block, “why?”

It’s because the greatest chef and the greatest decorator in the world are not alone enough to create (for) a successful restaurant. The nature of a restaurant is that it has many intricate logistical elements that can become problematic. It could be that one menu item, incorrectly priced and wildly popular that is costing too too much. Or issues with systems and organizations can create errors in accounting. Or it could be erring before even opening by getting a lease where the rent is too high or borrowing money at a cost that even a busy operation can not afford.

In the restaurant industry, profit margins are simply too slim to make mistakes. A small logistical mistake or inefficiency costing 2% of revenues might mean the restaurateur’s livelihood.

Eckstut Consulting – through three decades of experience – can and does find mistakes, errors, oops, . We what they look and smell like and where to look – be it in the budget, the lease, the kitchen, the menu, under the bar, or out the back door.

The Dream of Opening a New Restaurant

If your dream is to own your own restaurant, the question might be: “Can you make this dream a reality?”

If you have determination, desire, skills, financing, etc., you might be able to make it happen.

Can you do it alone? That’s where Eckstut Consulting becomes a part of your dream.

While you might not yet know the restaurant business or you know that you don’t know everything, Eckstut Consulting can help. We are well acquainted with what makes a restaurant successful, and we can and do not only guide you through all of the processes of building this new business, but also teaching you to sustain it and keep it growing.

We work with the experienced or the first-timers. If you have a dream and the will to work to achieve it, we can and will help you achieve it.
What kind of experience? Harris Eckstut, Principal, has over 4 decades of experience owning and operating a table service restaurant as well as quick serve restaurants. Harris Eckstut, Principal, was the founding Chair of one of the first successful small Business Improvement Districts in America.

Eckstut Consulting works on an hourly basis or when appropriate – a set fee agreement.