Overview of Services

Overview of Services

The Dream of Owning A Restaurant

If your dream is to own your own restaurant, the question might be: “Can I make this dream a reality?”

If you have determination, desire, skills, financing, etc., you can make it happen. But you can’t do it alone.

That’s where Eckstut Consulting becomes a part of your dream. Whether you believe you know the restaurant business, or you know that you don’t know “the BIZ,” we can help.

We are well acquainted with what makes a restaurant successful, and we not only guide you through the processes of building your restaurant, but also show you how to sustain it and keep it growing.

We work with the experienced as well as first timers.

Eckstut Consulting works on an hourly basis or, when appropriate, a set fee agreement may be arranged.


  • Business planning for existing and/or start-up restaurants
  • Concept development and planning
  • Pro-forma and revenue projections, cash flow analysis
  • Analytic review for investors and lenders
  • Financial advisement and coordination with lenders
  • Property review and site selection
  • Marketing and promotion of restaurants and small businesses
  • “Turn-Arounds” of troubled food service businesses.
  • Management Oversight
  • Revitalization of Main Street storefronts
  • Feasibility studies for government, quasi-governmental agencies and retail developers