Trouble Shooting – Restaurant Turnarounds

Trouble Shooting - Restaurant Turnarounds“When the numbers aren’t working”

Do you have great food, dazzling décor, and skillful marketing? In spite of this winning combination, there is no guarantee that a restaurant will be profitable. Even a packed house and a line at the door may not keep you from staring at red ink month after month.


Running a restaurant is unlike any other business. Restaurants must produce and sell their food and beverages for consumption at the same time. It is a complex undertaking with many, many elements, any one of which, if flawed, can cause continuous financial losses. One popular menu item incorrectly priced, underpriced drinks from the bar, holes in the accounting system permitting the staff to pocket money, high cost of debt service, lackluster marketing, an exorbitant rent – any of these scenarios can lead to shrinking profits and an owner’s loss of income.

In the restaurant business, where profit margins are simply too slim to permit mistakes, a small logistical error can cost you the business. Trying to increase those margins in this very competitive industry without professional guidance will result in the loss of customers.

With over 35 years of restaurant owning experience, Eckstut Consulting can find and correct the mistakes. I know financing and leading as well as where to look and what to look for. Simply put: I know how the Restaurant Game is played. Eckstut Consulting has helped turnaround scores of troubled restaurants.

Here’s What Eckstut Consulting Can Do for You:

  • Troubleshoot – to include a review of every aspect of the business
  • Create an operations/cost analysis
  • Develop a budget and oversee its implementation
  • Develop and implement effective management and organizational systems
  • Advise and implement the turnaround
  • Refinancing