Shorty’s Sunflower Cafe, Pottstown, PA

Food Truck

Shorty’s Sunflower Cafe is a long-time very successful breakfast and lunch business featuring farm-to-table breakfast and lunch, located in exurban Philadelphia. For years the sales had been mainly stagnant due to location and limited marketing opportunities for a mostly semi-rural location. The owners (husband & wife) contacted Harris to help grow the business.

To try and grow sales, it was decided to acquire, build-out, and “wrap” a food truck with their name and logo. As a “moving billboard,” presenting its great food and reasonable prices, Shorty’s Sunflower Cafe believed that more people would get to know of the restaurant, and be able to find it.

After Sunflower invested $50,000, the truck was properly outfitted, licensed and went into business by attending nearby events and festivals.

The food truck became so popular that people began going out of their way to eat at the bricks and mortar location. So much so, that in 2 years time, the bricks and mortar business increased sales over 50%.

To accommodate the now “bursting at the seams” location, the restaurant expanded into the adjacent spaces, doubling its size. And the business grew exponentially to the point that it was so busy that the owner did not have the time or energy to take the food truck out to events,

And so the truck was sold for more than the initial $50,000 investment.