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George Bieber – Sunflower Cafe, Pottstown, PA

I had been in the restaurant business for over 25+years and owned (still do) my own business, Shorty’s Sunflower Cafe, for at least 15 years when I hired Eckstut Restaurant Consulting to give me some advice on how to get to the “next level” and provide me another viewpoint on things were operating at my cafe, things that I may not be seeing after so many years of complacency.
My business was doing well when I first started consulting with Harris but he gave me great suggestions that truly did bring me to the next level. Don’t be mistaken by thinking you know everything; great advice from a seasoned pro is always an asset.

Connie Correia – The Pop Shop, Collingswood, NJ

“Despite glowing reviews, a full house, and an experienced staff, we were failing. If we had not hired Harris Eckstut when we did, I am sure we would have had to close our doors permanently. Harris took us by the hand and taught us all the things about the restaurant business that we didn’t even know we didn’t know!”

Greg Vernick – Vernick Food & Drink, Rittenhouse Square, Philadelphia

“Vernick Food & Drink would not be as successful without the help of Harris Eckstut.”

Montgomery County Community College Class Attender

“The information you gave us was beyond useful! We now have a more realistic perspective about the restaurant business.”

Alan Armstrong – Long-time Greater Philadelphia area restaurateur

“…Harris Eckstut is outstanding. He is the most knowledgeable restaurant consultant that I have met in my career in Philadelphia. His lecture was a tour de force. In a low key fashion, he covered a great amount of information….”